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Format a FileVault 2 Drive

If you are trying to format a FileVault 2 drive, also known as "nuke and pave” on MacOS X 10.9 and you run into a volume that is protected with
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MacBook Pro runs hot, high cpu percentage

For the past few weeks my laptop has been running hot randomly throughout the day. I checked Activity Monitor and noticed that CPU had high
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Change the Windows 8.1 License Key

I sometime have to change the Windows 8.1 License Key. Normally you should not have to do this after you have install Windows, but I sometimes get
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How to delete a file with a name that is too long

Recently, we had some files on a Windows 2012 server that have file names that are too long. The UNC path length would be okay if the file name was
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Install pfSense 2.1 from a USB Stick

I love USB installers (aka USB install sticks). The are easy to use and carry. You have a dozen OS and appliance installs in your toolkit for less
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